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"State-of-the-Art Rehearsal Complex"


H.I.T. Wall Studios is a 2-story building consisting of 32 rooms. We offer monthly individual and shared spaces.

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Contact Info:

                         contact Will: studios
                         phone: 650.588.8448
                         email: will@hitwall.com
120 South Linden Ave., South San Francisco, CA., 94080 (See map.)
Room Description:
  • FREE Individual Alarm Systems. (Each room comes equipped with an illuminated key pad and motion sensor.)
  • Click here to download Commerical Response List.
  • FREE DSL. (We provide an ethernet jack in each room and will give LAN ID's to leaseholders who are interested in an online connection.)
  • Note: You will need to establish a commerical phone number for maximum security.
  • FREE Electricity.
  • Custom/Acoustic Baffles.
  • 23 of 32 rooms have double-paned storm windows that open.
  • Sound-absorbent, velvet curtains in rooms w/ windows.
  • Carpeting, phone jacks, ceiling fans, solid fire doors and hardware.
  • 24-Hour Access/Lockout. (Seperate key access for perimeter and individual rooms.)
  • Very safe area