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Here are some questions that have come up on enough occasions that we felt we should post appropriate answers.
1. How many rooms are there to choose from and what the details of each room?

There are a total of 32 available at this time. Take a look at the room description page for some the assets that make H.I.T. Wall Studios unique. A detailed description of each room can be viewed on this site in the studios section.

2. Is the DSL service really free!!
Yes, each room comes equipped with an ethernet jack and the leaseholder of each room is given the proper LAN ID information to get online. Matt and I pay the monthly fee for DSL service.
3. How do I get on the waiting list?
Go to the waiting list page and sign up.
4. What are the hours of operation?
H.I.T. Wall Studios is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
5. How long has H.I.T. Wall Studios been open for business?

H.I.T. Wall Studios had it's "opening day" on April 1, 2001.

6. How secure are the studios? How safe is the area?
The perimeter at H.I.T. Wall is secure 24 hours a day. Each tenant needs a key to get into the complex and a seperate key for their individual room. In addition, each room is equipped with it's own alarm system provided that each leaseholder have a phone line established in conjunction with the alarm. H.I.T. Wall has paid for the monthly alarm fee for each studio to have the lines run, but each leaseholder is responsible for establishing their own, unique phone number. Once you become a tenant, we will provide you with more details as how to establish your alarm system.
The area of town is zoned "industrial" and considered very safe.
7. Do I have to give a security deposit? How much?

Yes. Each leaseholder will leave a deposit that is the equivalent to one month's payment due upon the signing their lease agreement. The deposit will be held until the leaseholder decides to relinquish his agreement with H.I.T. Wall Studios.

8. How long is my lease agreement?
Each room will have one leaseholder who will sign a "month-to-month" agreement.
9. Will my room have a phone jack? ethernet jack?
Yes. All rooms have a standard jack and an ethernet jack.
10. How's the parking "situation" at H.I.T. Wall?

Parking is never an issue here in South San Francisco. There are 31 spaces along the west side and back of the building during the day. At night there are 97 spaces in the complex and ample street parking. Check out the parking page for visuals.

11. How can I have my questions answered?
If anyone has other questions we haven't covered here and you have questions regarding:
rehearsal studios: Will at will@hitwall.com
recording studio: Matt @ hitwallrecording@gmail.com
12. Where are your studios located?
The studios are located in a two-story building in South San Francisco. The street address is 120 South Linden Avenue. (See map for details and/or see description below.)
13. How do I get to H.I.T. Wall?

FROM SF (101): If you are coming south from San Francisco, you take 101 south, get off on Grand Avenue. Make a left at the light onto Airport Blvd. and then go two blocks and make a right on Baden. Go up to the next stop light and make a left onto South Linden Ave. Go down about 5 or 6 blocks and 120 South Linden Ave. is on the right hand side. You'll see a big flag pole out in front which will soon lift a flag to proclaim the existence of the first rehearsal space to open in the Bay Area since the demise of Downtown rehearsal. H.I.T. Wall Studios.

FROM SAN MATEO (101): If you are coming north on 101, take the Grand Avenue exit in South San Francisco and go west, into the ocean. Just kidding. Go west, across the freeway on Grand Avenue. At the stop light, make a left onto Airport Blvd. and then a quick right onto Baden. See above for the exciting conclusion.
FROM 280: If you are coming from 280 north or south, take the 380 interchange by Tanforan Shopping Center, go north on 101. See above for the exciting conclusion.
14. Will there be an elevator for tenants on the second floor?
An elevator would cost about a half million dollars. So, no. We're talking 13 steps to get to the second floor, not a big deal.