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H.I.T. Wall Studios is located at 120 So. Linden Ave in South San Francisco, CA.
(We are located between Victory Ave. and Tanforan Ave.)
Scale 2:
FROM SF (101): If you are coming south from San Francisco, you take 101 south, get off on Grand Avenue. Make a left at the light onto Airport Blvd. and then go two blocks and make a right on Baden. Go up to the next stop light and make a left onto South Linden Ave. Go down about 5 or 6 blocks and 120 South Linden Ave. is on the right hand side. You'll see a big flag pole out in front which will soon lift a flag to proclaim the existence of the first rehearsal space to open in the Bay Area since the demise of Downtown rehearsal: H.I.T. Wall Studios.
FROM SAN MATEO (101): If you are coming north on 101, take the Grand Avenue exit in South San Francisco and go west, into the ocean. Just kidding. Go west, across the freeway on Grand Avenue. At the stop light, make a left onto Airport Blvd. and then a quick right onto Baden. See above for the exciting conclusion.
FROM 280: If you are coming from 280 north or south, take the 380 interchange by Tanforan Shopping Center, go north on 101. See above for the exciting conclusion.
Scale 3: